The power of digital partnership

June 10, 2024
Logan Hodgson

An orchestrated interplay of strategy, creativity, technology and practicality

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital innovation, partnerships are the conduits for transformation, bridging the gap between vision and execution. By working with the right partner, you can create a robust ecosystem to grow your business and capability to gain a competitive advantage. Agency partnerships by nature bring a kaleidoscope of skills. From research, strategy, design, data and development skills, digital agencies bring unique capabilities and experience to the table. Clients, armed with industry expertise, data and insights, add a dose of reality to the mix. This dual dynamic unlocks innovation and effectiveness. 

Bridging the Gap

We often work with clients to transform their digital experience to be more customer focussed, provide self service or acquire new customers. Our clients have the vision but sometimes lack some of the resources or capability to bring it to life. They may want to align their digital vision with their business strategy, gain customer insights, conduct an architecture review or build a complex application. We support our clients by augmenting client teams with specialists, bringing a fresh perspective and relevant experience to the table.

The pace of change

In the fast-paced realm of technology, it is vital to keep up with change. We’re curious by nature and keep our finger on the pulse with the latest trends and technologies, from AI to automation to accessibility. Our clients offer valuable industry insights, customer behaviour data, and the wisdom that comes from being knee-deep in their specific field. This combined knowledge creates the catalyst for innovation.

Enabling growth

Different organisations have distinct needs. For smaller entities, cost-effectiveness or skill gaps are considerations, while larger organisations seek competitive advantage through innovation and transformative change. Partnership offers a shortcut to assembling a skilled workforce, sparing the expense and time of recruitment. The skills acquired through collaboration can be transferred to the client's team, fostering long-term growth and upskilling. 

Steps to effective partnership

  1. Shared values: Effective partnerships thrive when they’re built upon a foundation of shared values, providing an enduring framework for collaboration and trust.
  2. Governance: Decide what you want the partnership to look like, what's most important for success and how decisions will be made.
  3. Strategic planning: Establish a shared understanding of the vision, customer need, technical complexity and outcomes required in a concise strategic plan to lay the foundation for success.
  4. Define roles and responsibilities: Maximise the strengths of the team. Define who's doing what, why and when, so there is no confusion along the way. Remove the layers to limit loss in translation. Tailor the team to bring the right mix of experience and fresh ideas.
  5. Methodology: Careful consideration should be given to the delivery methodology, project management, team formation and processes, based on duration and partnership goals. Retrospectives enable the team to learn and improve ways of working.
  6. Communication: Shared clarity of goals, insights, expectations, and timelines are key. Regular check-ins, honest communication on challenges, real-time problem-solving and measurement of progress sustains the rhythm of strong communication.
  7. Collaboration: Great ideas come from everyone. The fusion of creative brainstorming, technology capability and industry knowledge, yields actionable ideas greater than the sum of their parts.
  8. Flexibility and adaptability: Customer and technology changes are inevitable. Stay nimble and be ready to pivot if needed. Research insights, leadership changes, technology or budget constraints may change the goalposts. A willingness and readiness to adapt will ensure the partnership and end solution remains fresh and effective.
  9. Have Fun: It’s important to enjoy the journey! Hold team events outside of the office and celebrate success  to build connection.

Partnership is in our  DNA

Octave started through partnership, building digital products with Data consultancy, Dot Loves Data. Our relationship with Dot is now seven years old, and over the years, we have developed numerous products and experiences together including Te Whata, Payments NZ and Turnup. We’ve partnered with brand partner Eightyone for seven years to develop complex websites and digital experiences such as MAS and the Electricity Authority. The clients we started with over seven years ago are still our partners today.

The best partnerships are built over time through shared learning, experiences, team chemistry and success. Aligning the right minds, insights and capabilities with your digital strategy will set the stage to deliver meaningful results.

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