Octave gains B Corp certification

July 9, 2024
Logan Hodgson

Octave is a B Corp! When we started a new phase of growth a few years back, we used B Corp’s rigorous social and environmental performance standards as a guide to growing in the right ways. Now we join the movement of world-leading companies turning business into a force for good. 

We create beautiful, intuitive digital experiences with organisations on important missions. But no mission is more important than improving the wellbeing of our planet and the people on it. 

For Octave, B Corp certification is another way we can live our definition of positive impact. It proves our commitment to creating a healthy work life for our team. It shows our clients we mean business when it comes to delivering greatness without selling any souls. It grounds us as genuine contributors to the communities we’re part of — in business, in Te Whanganui-a-Tara, in Aotearoa, and the world at large. 

Working toward B Corp certification pushed us to expand our view of who we’re here for. We care deeply about our team, who spend their days and build their careers with us. They have had an important voice in how we create impact and develop effective policies.

The relationship we have with our clients is also vital — their trust keeps Octave ticking, and the needs and desires of their customers become our obsession. The support and vision of our shareholders will always be important to us. But beyond who has a share of Octave’s success and challenges, the B Corp evaluation process asks us to consider the stakes.   

It’s a noticeable shift committing to shareholders AND seeing all of our environment and society as stakeholders. It takes real reflection and a lot of energy. The process has reminded us that responding to context doesn’t stop at the edges of a client’s aims, or their customer’s needs, or our position in the market. All of these factors are connected to others, woven into the fabric of how we move through the world as people.

Octave is a team of curious, committed and competitive people. We are driven to solve and to succeed in our work without compromise, and this includes not compromising anyone’s wellbeing along the way. 

Being a B Corp means the world to us. And it means the world will be better through us doing what we love to do.