Remote and connected — Octave welcomes Rosie Woodcock

March 2, 2023

As Octave grows, so does the complexity of our projects and the needs of our clients and team. This month we welcome Rosie Woodcock, an experienced Account Director who further strengthens our Client Services team. She’s pragmatic and empathic and loves bringing people together around a shared vision.

Rosie has an extensive background working in the digital arms of advertising agencies and larger digital agencies in Aotearoa and the UK. “Living in the UK and working on multi-international accounts (before video calling was a thing), the environments were high-pressure with client and project teams across multiple timezones. You really had to be well organised and know your stuff.” 

This broad experience gives her an edge. “It taught me the importance of establishing a collaborative space for interaction, decision making and team building. I’ve picked up a variety of skills, practices and methodologies across project management, agile and team facilitation."

When asked about what makes a great Account Director, Rosie quickly responds. “Being pragmatic and empathetic. I enjoy bringing people together and building strong, enduring relationships. The connections are what keep projects running smoothly. “It’s all about teamwork, communication and trust to create space for the inevitable challenges when they arise.”

Rosie lives in Wanaka with her husband and their three dogs. She has the best of both worlds, working on meaningful projects with great clients while embracing the Wanaka scenery and outdoor sports. You’ll find her skiing in the winter and paddle boarding in the summer during her downtime. 

Often, people create the defining moments rather than the projects. Rosie reflects on the people that have inspired her. “I have loved working with strong women leaders in agencies in the past. When I started out, there weren’t many women in those roles and seeing their leadership style and pragmatic approach to any situation inspired me to be like them.

So why join Octave?

"Octave is at a unique size and is doing amazing work. I get to work with a team of like-minded people with a strong vision and a culture that embraces innovation and adventure.
They’re lean, innovative and highly creative. They’re smart and take a pragmatic approach. I love the team’s passion and drive to deliver amazing digital experiences.  I’m really aligned with the vision and goals of Octave."