Product validation process

March 2, 2023

Do you have an idea for a new product or app and want to see if there’s a gap in the market for your business? Our product validation process is designed to help you to articulate your vision, map your assumptions, scope the market and put your idea in front of potential users to test your proposition.

Our four-step process looks like this:

  1. Canvas workshop: A session with your team where we discuss the problems to solve for your customers, your business strategy, any blue sky ideas and success metrics. The canvas becomes our north star for the product validation process and creates a clear picture of the opportunities and challenges to solve going forward. 
  2. Assumptions workshop: This hands-on workshop is a chance to gather the team and draw out different perspectives, assumptions and views of the project and problems to solve. We’ll identify any questions that put the project at risk if left unanswered and create a list of things that need to be investigated from a strategic, technical or customer perspective. Our findings will generate subject matter for the user research in step four.
  3. Market research: We’ll conduct market research to identify existing products and their value proposition to determine the market fit and identify your point of difference.
  4. User research: We’ll get in front of your ideal customers to identify their needs, wants and expectations to test the product’s value proposition. Our research approach will be tailored to your idea and will include a combination of qualitative and quantitative research.

Finally, we will analyse and consolidate the findings from each step into a report with our recommendations. If you’d like to hear more about our product validation process and see how it could work for your business, get in touch with