mobile and tablet screensshots of The Divvy

The Divvy.

A data visualisation and collaboration tool.

Wellington City Council came to us to help create a centralised resource for community project funding data. The goal was to improve transparency around charitable funding so communities can see where publicly-available money is going. This, in turn, makes applying for new project funding a simpler process.
mobile and tablet screensshots of The Divvy

We created a suite of flexible data visualisations and housed them inside a simple interface. An important design consideration for this site was the way new data sets can be added over time without bogging down the experience in layers of navigation.

2018 Numbers


Total WCC spend on funding.


Approved applications.


Declined applications.

The brand.

We created a basic brand for The Divvy, which included; naming, designing a logo, defining core colours, fonts and graph styles.

Brand logo for The Divvy
Brand colours for The Divvy