Bringing it all together.

Tāwhiri – the creative force behind the New Zealand Festival & Wellington Jazz Festival – wanted to simplify the management of their portfolio of festival websites. Each website had been developed by various agencies over time across different technology platforms. By bringing these sites together into one single platform, these sites are now working smarter not harder, able to piggyback off of each other’s updates and functionality, while retaining their own unique brand.

Tāwhiri logos Tāwhiri logos

Wagtail + Festivals = WagFest.

Our approach was to consolidate all of Tāwhiri’s websites into a single content management system (CMS) using our preferred CMS – Wagtail – to significantly reduce the cost of producing new websites for each festival. Starting with the existing 2018 NZ Festival site, we stripped it back to its core features and functionality and developed a design system that can be used across the suite of festival websites. We affectionately christened Tāwhiri’s new super CMS “WagFest”.

Round one: Saxophones.

WagFest cut its teeth on the 2019 Wellington Jazz Festival. We began this first iteration by mapping out the fundamental requirements for each and every festival to ensure we had a solid, reusable data model for all future festivals. Then we got stuck into applying the vivid new brand, riffing off the work by the clever folk at Inject Design, and getting this website launched on time and on budget.


Round two: Vampires.

After launching the Jazz Festival site our big question was: Did we actually create efficiencies through WagFest? The answer: Yes. In just two weeks, we were able to turn around a brand new website for Second Unit – a blood spattered, vampire-themed, immersive theatre event. Tāwhiri are already seeing the benefit of a single CMS to wrangle, with the Marketing & Communications Manager letting us know within a week: ‘BTW sooooooo good having Second Unit and WJF sitting on the same CMS. Amazing!!’ We agree.

Stefan Treyvaud,
Head of Marketing and Story,

“The incredible team at Octave have been instrumental in the successful implementation of Tāwhiri’s digital consolidation project. Along with clear technical skills, each member of the team – from all levels and functions – has contributed professional and personal insight and experience to the development of our sites, bringing fresh perspectives, original ideas and essential challenges and solutions to the project.”