Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The most impressive parts of complex digital projects are often the ones you can’t see. Our expertise with AWS means we can deliver secure, stable and cost effective infrastructure quickly and reliably.

Case one

A secure, auditable infrastructure for a NZ based financial service provider.

When a NZ-based, financial service provider approached Octave to design and build a public-facing web application, housing highly sensitive financial data, both security and auditability were front of mind when designing the supporting infrastructure. The final product was executed using a suite of security and auditing services provided by AWS.

By building audit rules into the environment through AWS Config, a near real-time audit can be performed at any moment. In addition, AWS CloudTrail records all account activity to a separate, secure audit account. All network activity is captured through AWS VPC Flow Logs making it possible to review any past activity in the account while keeping the logs safe from tampering through limiting auditing access to a bare minimum.

The last piece of the puzzle was AWS GuardDuty, which monitors activity logs to identify any unusual or suspicious activity before notifying a systems administrator in near real-time.

With this environment in place, customers’ data is secure, and any potential threats are quickly identified and eliminated before causing harm.

Case two

An on-demand back-end service with highly variable loads for a large government agency

When a large NZ government agency wanted to run an awareness campaign promoting the use of its services, Octave was tasked with setting up the supporting back-end services.

This campaign was made up of banner ads with an interactive component, making it possible for people to search for information and have it emailed to them, all from within the ad.

Octave utilised AWS Lambda functions together with AWS API Gateway with both services billed on a per-request basis. This meant the cost scaled with the size of each campaign, and there was virtually no cost to run this setup during the idle time between campaigns. Additionally, there was no need to scale infrastructure in anticipation of a new campaign since both services handled scaling automatically.

The ease of provisioning, inherent in Lambda functions and the API Gateway, made setting up the new infrastructure very fast. The back-end services cost, for each campaign, came in under $10, and the time spent on systems operation was virtually zero.